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THURSDAY October 10th 2002
@ AMF Chelsea Piers Bowl
Opponent: Norman Thomas H.S.
Result: (Won) 3 games to 0
The Peglegs showed why they are the best in their league, by winning an extremely crucial match against their division rival, Norman Thomas. Prior to the match, the two teams were pitted head to head with identical 4-0 records. By winning a close A and B match against them, Stuy improved their record to 5-0.
Norman Thomas, having undergone extensive off-season training and practice, started off with a blazing 4-0 start but the Stuy team was just too much for them. The A team had a combined 599 series (4 games), with Nathan leading the pack and the team with a high game of 165. The B team lived up to and exceeded its expectations with respectable scores from Cohen Crud and Ben Creed. The real surprise came in the C match, where regular Nathaniel Avino Towsen had a 163 game.
Next stop: Stuy plays against the HS of Art and Design at AMF Chelsea Piers Bowl on 10/15/02.
High Score: Nathan Richards - 165
Honorable Mention: Nathaniel Avino Towsen - 163 (C)
Game A total: 599
Game B total: 538
Game C total: 502

High Scores

Mickey: 256
Nathan: 214
Andrew: 192
Roger: 175
Nathaniel- 163
William: 150
Cohen Crud- 143
Kathryn- 142
Benjamin: 140
Frank: 134
John: 131
Spike- 127
Daniel B- 117
Joshua- 115