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The Stuyvesant Bowling Team is a prestigious high school bowling team that plays in the Manhattan II Division of New York City. Our home bowling alley is at one of the best-maintained bowling alleys in all of New York State, AMF Chelsea Piers Bowl . The history of the team is rich and plentiful; going to the City Finals in 1969, 1974 and 1975 and winning it in 1974. Coach Cavallero was the team coach and mentor for all three of the aforementioned teams. Currently, Coach Barth is the head coach of the team, providing unrivaled support and dedication to his players.

Did You Know??

***The highest recorded bowling score short of 300 was 299 1/2! In 1905 a bowler threw his last ball in what would have been a perfect game. One of the pins split in half; one part fell over and the other remained standing. Nevertheless, the game was scored as a 299, as there are no official "half-pins" in bowling.
***The only official ABC (American Bowling Congress) sanctioned 900 three game series was achieved by the then college sophomore Jeremy Sonnefeld. He rolled three consecutive 300 (perfect) games en route to become the first person in history to be known as "Mr. 900". The feat earned him international acclaim. Prior to his historical accomplishment, Glenn Allison bowled a 900 three game series with a plastic Columbia 300 Yellow Dot but the claim was rejected by the ABC, saying the lane conditions were far too easy.
***In bowling lingo, a "turkey" is 3 consecutive strikes. This term dates back to the late 1800's when, around the holidays, bowling alley owners would present live turkeys to the first member of a team to bowl 3 strikes in a row. Keeping with tradition, this practice has continued to this day, but much less common and usually for coupons redeemable for a turkey at a deli or local supermarket.